Easy Steps to Embrace Change with Grace

The truth is that any change we experience comes with so many feelings, emotions, excitement and many times with fear to experiment the unknown.
Maybe you just found out you are moving, you got laid off, you just found out you are having a baby, you got a new job; whatever the change is, follow these simple rules to embrace change with grace.

  1. Take it all in, digest the news before saying anything about it.
  2. Connect with your emotions, take a couple of minutes to really look within you and try to connect with the feeling you are experiencing and where you are feeling it.
  3. Reflect, understand that every change comes with an opportunity to grow and experience something new.
  4. Give yourself time, to embrace the news, it is best to do this before taking to anyone about it.
  5. Trust, that if the change came your way it’s because you can do it and it is for your greater good even if you can’t see it in that particular moment.
  6. Get informed, get prepared for the change, talk to people that have lived in the city you are moving to. Learn about the new company you will be working for, start reading baby books, search the internet, etc. Get prepared!
  7. Believe in yourself, through this journey you might get advice, critics, feedbacks that could change your mind. Trust yourself and your intuition and just do it in the way that it feels right for YOU.
  8. Get organized, make to do lists writing only a doable number of things that you can accomplish per day to avoid feeling overwhelmed.
  9. Give closure to every cycle or stage of life you are living. It could be saying the proper goodbyes, transitioning a job to someone, thanking someone,etc. Closure is a must to be able to turn the page and start your new chapter in your life.
  10. Be thankful of the new chapter in your life you are starting and the one you are living.

By following these easy 10 steps you for sure will embrace change with grace!